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Why you should buy local:


Below are three great reasons for buying locally made products.

Economy: Products made locally in New York State and purchased by New Yorkers keeps our hard earned money local. 50% of money spent in small locally owned shops returns to the community, whereas only 15% of the money returns to the community when spent at large chain stores. By strengthening your local economy you increase your own standard of living! For example, if your money goes to a local maple syrup producer or New York State winery they in turn will spend more locally and possibly benefit your business. (search Maple Syrup made in New York State or wine made in New York State).

Community: Buying made in New York State merchandise, especially locally, fosters community relationships and strengthens communities. For example, if you buy candy made in New York State at the shop of Mr. Robert Pacer (Oliver's Candies) in Batavia, NY you actually meet the people who made the candy as opposed to buying from a large impersonal supermarket where the candy was made in some foreign country. (search candy made in New York State or see info about Oliver's Candies).

Environment: Buying products made in far away places means long transportation routes and more pollution due to the transportation. Additionally, merchandise made in New York State must follow strict NYS environmental guidelines, further assuring the environmental friendliness of your purchase. For example, consider buying a ceramic bowl from somewhere in Asia versus from The Ole Adirondack Pottery Shoppe (Lowville, NY). The Asian bowl is unchecked for toxic chemicals and may be made with non-efficient methods, polluting the atmosphere. Afterwards, it needs to be loaded on a ship, transported across oceans and then trucked across the country to your home. If you buy local, then the bowl is made efficiently, reducing it's environmental impact and transported a much shorter distance to your door, reducing truck and ship emissions needed. Overall, buying the locally made bowl reduces your environmental footprint, the more local made products you purchase, the smaller your environmental footprint becomes and the smaller New York States environmental footprint becomes. (search arts made in New York State or see info about The Ole Adirondack Pottery Shoppe)

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