Featured NYS Artist/ Author: Leonard F. Tantillo

"Growing up in a small historic town in the Hudson Valley of New York State instilled in Len Tantillo an appreciation for the past. Those early years also saw the emergence of his lifelong fascination with art. Tantillo's work clearly shows the combined influence of the luminists of the 19th century and the great marine artists of the past. The blending of his visual story-telling ability and a wonderful sense of adventure and excitement is evident in all of his paintings. Len Tantillo's work has appeared in books, periodicals, and television documentaries in the US and abroad. His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries across the country.

Most recently, his painting, The Marigold at Raspberry Island, 1939, selected for the 21st Annual Mystic International Exhibition, won the Rudolph J. Schaefer Award. This is the highest honor given to an artist at the International Exhibition. Len Tantillo is an artist member of the American Society of Marine Artists" (L. F. Tantillo, Fine Art website, 2004).

He is also the author of the book:
Visions of New York State: The Historical Paintings of L.F. Tantillo

You can see his prints and read more about him on the L. F. Tantillo, Fine Art website

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